Skills Are Cheap Passion is Priceless


I want to get very real with you and share my life’s story. I am going to take you on the journey from the very beginning of my childhood on up to the point of where I am today. The reason I am sharing the raw and honest details of my life is so that you can understand that success is not determined by your past.

Behind every successful person out there is a story filled with devastation, determination, pivotal moments and raw emotions. No matter who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, it is your passion. Skills are cheap, anyone can learn how to do something, but it is your passion that is simply priceless.

Devastating Things Happened in My Life

In my book, Skills Are Cheap, Passion is Priceless, I show you snippets of the devastation and tragedy that I dealt with as a child. I talk about my drug addict father, my amazing mother, my caring grandparents, and the dad that raised me.

Later on in the book, I share about my struggle with bulimia and self-esteem. For many years, I allowed the way I looked to dictate every choice I made.

I’m not the only one that had devastating things happen in my life. Brian shares about the death of his father and how that put him on the path he took in life. He talks about the way his dad lived in his final years, made a lasting impact on him.

I’ve Always Been Determined


For me, I always had to be the best. I would never allow myself to be less than the best. So I put a lot of pressure on myself. Many people fall into this rut. They either stay in the bottom because they feel as though they can never achieve, so they don’t try. Or they are at the very top, and you can never go any lower, you have to work super hard to stay at the top all of the time because anything less would be like losing.

My Pivotal Moment

You might have heard my story of how the pivotal moment I experienced in my corporate job. The day I decided that I would never put my children in daycare. From that moment on, I knew my why. I made a vow never to put my child in daycare, all I have to do is look into her eyes and my commitment to the WHY is stronger than ever. What is your WHY?

I Became an Online Marketer


Back when I started in online marketing, we didn’t have half of the resources that we have today. Social media wasn’t even a thing, blogs were just beginning, and people were just starting to tap into the power of internet sales.

I Googled how to work from home and found so many resources. It was then that I knew I had found the way to do what I set out to do. Although…I had a lot of learning to do.

Grab your copy of my book now- Skills Are Cheap Passion is Priceless.


Learning The Hard Way

As with anything that you put your focus to, good or bad, you start to see examples and signs of it everywhere. One call back list in particular caught my eye and I decided to leave my name and phone number on it to get more information.

I put in my email address and a woman called me to tell me about the business. She asked me why I wanted it, but she was a really poor prospector, I just wanted her to get to the point. There I was, my ego was so big that I didn’t even want to listen to her, I just wanted to bypass her and get to the information. When in reality I needed that woman so badly, I needed the movement that she made, I needed her energy, and that is exactly what people do in business, they want to skip over the important stuff, which is what I did.

If only I had known that mentors play such a huge role in success. It’s not enough to just read and learn. You need someone that is 4-5 steps ahead of you to help guide you.

Business Deals Gone Bad and Finding Mentors

Sure, Brian and I were super successful in our online ventures for a while. We were bringing in unbelievable amounts of money. But then…we lost it all. Since we hadn’t brought mentors into our lives, we made really poor business decisions.

The fallout from that choice wrecked us. We were hurt and struggling. This one interview with Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer radically changed our lives.

Here’s what they said-

No one can make you upset, depressed, hurt, anxious, or fearful without your consent. The worst things in life turn out to be the most important steps that you need to take, in order to get to the next place in your life. The highest place you can get to with this individual is to practice forgiveness, instead of revenge & anger”

My Mantra

Their words meant so much to me. From that day forward, I decided to change my mindset. I developed regained my confidence and developed a manta.

Every single day, I wake up with a mantra, and I talk to myself. I either look in the mirror, or I sit and say, “Rhonda, you are an incredible leader. You inspire people to do great things in their life. You show them that everything is possible. You help more families be free. You must show more families how to get to building a life that they love.” This is the essence of belief. When you have a mantra that you tell yourself, you are teaching your brain to believe in the life you want to create for yourself.


Remembering My Why Has Made Me Unstoppable

When I started my job and said I’ll never put my child in daycare, that I was going to live out this day, perfect day, every single day, that I was going to quit my job and replace my income, I wasn’t going back. There was no plan B. That was my vow and my commitment, and she, Hanalei, became my WHY. Everything I did fueled me to get me to that next step. Everything I did I did because she was my WHY and it was robust enough to keep me motivated and disciplined. I became Unstoppable!

When you wear the word unstoppable, you hold an armor that tells you that you can. It reminds you every day to be unstoppable. Being unstoppable needs a strong ‘WHY.’ Once you have worked out your WHY everything is possible.

If you want to hear more about Brian’s and my journey, snag a copy of my book, Skills Are Cheap, Passion is Priceless. I will take you through our life and share with you the practical tips you need to develop a successful business while you live out your perfect life. Read more

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