Unstoppable “Freedom-Preneur” Bali Mastermind October 14 – 19th 2016


cilla1aInvesting in a Mastermind is a Turning Point for
You and Your Business

Investing in yourself is the difference between Dabbling and Committing.
You can spend time squandering your money on Half Measures or Investing Solidly in your business

What can Attending this Mastermind do for YOU?

A Mastermind is one of the most powerful tools ever used by successful people – whether the world’s richest industrialists of the early 20th century or today’s modern icons of business.

It can focus its special energy on your effort – in the form of knowledge, resources, momentum and unconditional support.

Napoleon Hills Mastermind principle states “A mastermind alliance involves two or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose “

We look forward to you becoming a part of this Mastermind

Who is this Workshop for?
Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Online Marketers (… anyone struggling to get results in their online business). It’s also particularly relevant for new entrants to the Internet or career and life changers … people looking for a new beginning Online and participating in the digital economy.

Strategies & Tactics You’ll Master

  • learn how to build YOUR Online Business… not someone else’s.
  • why co-branding doesn’t work. We focus on branding “YOU Inc
  • why ‘cookie cutter’ solutions won’t convert your traffic. We give you funnel hacking tactics & follow up to convert your leads into sales.
  • are you feeling over-sold and under fulfilled? We provide private coaching through ongoing continuity after the event.
  • the real truth about the traffic your being sold. How to generate your own leads, not buy over-priced re-cycled traffic that won’t convert.
  • learn about the No.1 traffic continuity program in the market today (earn money while you learn traffic to scale your business)
  • create multiple streams of income in your business (including high ticket back-end offer(s) if you need or even want one)
  • establish joint ventures whilst on-site at the event (collaboration Vs competition) – get access to various high-ticket offers, potentially without the initial upfront investment.
  • learn how to massively increase your ROI and lifetime Customer Value with multiple offers.
  • Many people online are being misled or are confused about what it takes to create an enduring brand and business online.

Let me ask you one simple question…

Is YOUR Business Built to Last?

Business Opportunities come and go (most fade in 3-5 years). The Internet however is not going away and it is now common place for anyone to start and grow a business online monetising a passion, a service, or a unique product they may have developed or idea they desire to commercialise.

Leverage & Multiple Streams of Income are the fundamentals for wealth creation and financial independence which can be achieved through an online business but only IF it’s built correctly and built to last… and more important built around YOU.

If you want multiple streams of income your sales funnel can’t tie you to one specific business opportunity or offer or any one company, product or service… otherwise you’ll be forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars each time you want to promote something new… or diversify your market position.
Who are we?
brtian-and-rhondaRhonda & Brian Swan, Freedom-Preneurs
Rhonda Swan ( aka Unstoppable Momma) is a “no fluff” speaker and trainer. She has been working on the internet for over 10 years, and has build multiple 7 figure brands online.

She is the CEO of “Your Brand Is My Business”, The Freedom-Preneur Movement and is the Co-Producer for the television series BRAND IT. Her events bring entrepreneurs from all over the world to build a legacy brand on social media, and tell their story without being salesy.

Brian Swan (aka Unstoppable Surfer) is an ex engineer turned online marketer. Brian has inspired the world to live their Perfect Day, everyday and teaches the fundamentals of how to get there.


Kim Barrett “Your Social Voice”13312745_10157169512305647_5515142481184156672_n
Kim Barrett is a world renown Social Media Marketer, focussing on Facebook. He Is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Trainer, having taught marketing around the world and helping businesses grow to 6 and 7 figures.

Your Social Voice helps businesses get heard on social media, and most importantly, build engagement, generate more leads and more sales. Over 80% of businesses don’t know how to effectively market online, luckily that is where Your Social Voice comes in.


pb100018Drew Innes – “the Alliance”, Co-Founder
Drew is a Professional full-time Online Marketer, Sales Trainer, Seminar Speaker and Business Coach (… he is also a verified 7 Figure Income Earner in Direct Sales).

Drew is a lifelong entrepreneur having built successful traditional businesses in Construction, Finance, IT and Online Marketing & Sales Training. Drew has been recognised by Business Review Weekly for creating the fastest growing ($50 million) privately owned construction company amongst one of his many business accolades.

Drew has literally helped thousands of new entrants to the Internet start and scale and Online Business and make their first dollar online.

The Freedom-Preneur Movement (Brian & Rhonda Swan) and the Alliance (Drew Innes) are collaborating to produce this small intimate Workshop (limited to 15 people) and are here to help you, along with a diverse team of industry experts hand picked by them to train you at this beautiful resort on the paradise island of Bali.

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