If I was far behind everyone in this industry, I remember feeling that a sense of self-doubt would creep in slightly and I’d often wonder whether I was able to start an online business. When they first start out, I had absolutely no experience in this industry; a feeling many new entrepreneurs may have.

Entrepreneurs will go on a roller coaster journey throughout their business’ lifetime, and the truth is, it probably won’t stop as you begin to scale. That’s okay. It comes with the territory.

Financial Worries

An inevitable low that all newcomers will face is a lack of money. I had quit college and all the little odd jobs I had just to focus on my business when I started.Success breeds success, so you should just keep focused and work hard at your craft.

You should make it a point to attend industry events whenever you can, especially when you’re going through a period of uncertainty. You just never know who you will be able to network with and how you will be inspired.

No Social Life

One of the ultimate lows of starting your business is that your social life suffers. That could be difficult for young entrepreneurs, in particular, to come to terms with.

It takes time to get out of that difficult period. It took me nine months to get to a relatively favorable financial position.

When you feel as if you’re not getting anywhere, you begin resenting people around you– your colleagues, the company, the industry. With time, you gain experience, and soon enough you’ll learn how to make money and be able to stop worrying about your financial situation.

If you don’t put in the hours, someone else will, and they may just take the advantage and win customers that could have been yours.

If you really want to succeed in this industry, then you have to make the sacrifices. As the guest speaker at the graduation ceremony of the University of Southern California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, then Governor of California, gave a highly motivating and famous speech, dubbed the “6 Rules of Success.” Speaking on the importance of working on your goals, regardless of public perception, Schwarzenegger said, “When you’re out there partying around … someone out there at the same time is working hard.”

I overcame these lows by waking up in the early hours of the morning to learn about the industry. I had a desire to build a business and to succeed. That by itself is a pretty enthralling high. As you become better and more experienced, the highs will soon outnumber the lows, but when you start out you’ve got to accept the many obstacles and barriers that you’ll face before reaching those highs.


You shouldn’t fear the lows; they’re inevitable when you start out in this industry. With enough drive, time, and effort, the highs will come.

Embrace the chaos that comes with being a start-up. Let the lows be seen as experiences necessary to take your company to higher heights.

Source: Starting a small business

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