What Are the Best Ways to Get Likes on a Brand’s New Facebook Page?


What Are the Best Ways to Get Likes on a Brand’s New Facebook Page?

The most effective ways of generating fans are:

1. Contests for Fans
Because many businesses struggle to capture quality fans, it’s difficult to recommend contests. It’s an easy trap to fall into, and it’s one that many businesses fall for and waste resources on.

If you’re using a contest to give away an iPad and your brand isn’t related to Apple, there is a good chance these people are only “liking” your page for the contest itself. If there is a direct link between your product and the prize, you have a better chance to capture not only a large quantity but also high-quality fans. You can run a variety of contests.

In sweepstakes, the winners are selected through a random draw. In a contest, on the other hand, the winners are selected either by a jury or audience voting or a combination of both, and the entries are evaluated according to the skill of the submission (e.g. a photo contest).

Why running sweepstakes on Facebook will drive fans?

Friend invites: Users can easily invite their friends to join the sweepstakes.<br />
News feeds and ticker: For every person entering the sweepstakes, more people will potentially see this action through their ticker or news feed.
User Generated Content (UGC) Contest
Entrants must submit their original work (e.g. photo, video, essay, recipe, t-shirt design, etc.) and will undergo a voting system via public, company-wide, or a combination of both, to determine the winner.

Why running an UGC on Facebook will drive fans?

News mini-feeds and feeds: Content is generated when people upload submissions or vote. Users’ video or photo submissions are embedded in their news feeds for more compelling and dynamic reach.
Comments: Public can comment on submissions posting of comments generate news feeds and notifications.
Share button: Users can easily share their favorite submissions with friends.
( Contest Ideas & Descriptions sourced from experience working with Wildfire Interactive).

2. Create a Great Product.
There are tons of small to medium-sized businesses who have generated tons of “likes” on Facebook simply by offering great products. People tend to become so passionate about brands and businesses that they search for them, and the businesses receive “likes” because of it.

3. Utilize Existing Channels.
One of the best ways to generate likes is to utilize your other channels and promote your Facebook page. Thus, it’s important to integrate your Facebook page with your website, blog and, if possible, your store.

4. Advertising Campaigns.
Optimizing online ads with clear calls-to-action and specific targeting is key. Facebook Advertising presents you with a great opportunity to connect with consumers of all walks of life. When developing Facebook Ads, however, it’s important to ensure that you’re targeting your advertisements towards the appropriate audience.

You can then develop an advertisement that will best serve your business’s objectives and goals once you have developed this customer profile. Once the demographics and psychographics are complete, you could upload captivating content that will capture the audience’s attention.

To ensure you’re targeting the right audience, I’d suggest you start by creating a customer profile that highlights not only the demographics but also the psychographics associated with your key audience.

There are different types of ads now available on Facebook, ranging from sponsored stories to simple ads. All of them can generate different results depending on (1) your business, and (2) what you’re looking to accomplish.

That said, if you’re looking to increase your number of likes, you’re most certainly going to run an ad that ties back to this desired approach. You should make sure that the users you target are not currently fans of your brand.

Take note: Generating Facebook fans is easy. Keeping them from leaving is tough.

Source: How To Get Likes on Facebook Page Fast

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