Characteristics of Wealth#3 – Dealing With the Haters

Fear of Failure is an Obstacle to Many – Rhonda Swan

We all have the tendency to fear failing. I mean, who really wants to fail in life? I don’t want to, but I know that it is part of the process that we must all accept. Otherwise, will never achieve anything great.

Since many people stand still in fear, this leads to a state of inaction. They just stay in the crummy circumstances they are living in.

The trouble with standing still in fear is that wealth comes by taking risks. You have to be willing to put it out on the line, otherwise you don’t stand a chance of truly increasing your earnings.

The Benefits of Failing

Failure is not something you should fear, rather a thing you should seek after. We all need to fail in our lives at one time or another, or we will never really know how to do it right.

When it comes to growing a business, personal brand, or any part of a company, you must be willing to move above the status quo. You’ll never get there by standing still in fear of failing.

If it was easy to make it to the top, then everyone would be a millionaire. Am I right? What separates those that are highly successful from where you are today? It is because those people were willing to face their fears and go through the process of failing and trying again.

Failure gives way to lessons and these lessons create a change in your behavior. If you tried it one way and it didn’t work, then you’ll know what to do different the next go round.

Consider it from technology perspective. I am not a techy, but I’ve had to learn enough to make my business successful.

I’ve had to figure out why parts of my websites weren’t working because of broken codes. I’ve also had to to figure out how to use different platforms. This has all been a series of learning experiences.

Sure, a book or an instructor can give you the instructions of how to do something. However, without actually doing it yourself, you will have no experience to draw from. When you work through concepts on your own, you will inevitably fail and through that you will gain a lasting remembrance of what not to do.

That is Why You Should Fail and Fail Fast

Don’t wait around any long. Now is the time to get out there and do what is necessary to grow your business. Sure, you will fail, but go for it. Get those failures out of the way so that you can take hold of the success you are longing for.

Source: Characteristics of Wealthy Individuals

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