3 Income Producing Activities You Must Do Each Day

Do you know your DMO? – Rhonda Swan

A DMO is your daily method of operations. When you put into practice daily tasks that will actually produce income, you will get a return on your time investment.

Most people, myself included when I first got started building our business, we focused too much on the how and not the important money making tasks. If you’re building a Network Marketing business, so many get hung up on the product features and the science behind it all, and the compensation plan. How to do social media, building a blog, watching guru videos, studying this and studying that…

The next thing you know, a month has gone by and all of the so called “income producing activities” you were working on, didn’t bring in a dime.

Stop wasting time. Start Making Money.

A lot of us, when we just start out in our home business, have a limited amount of time because we have so many other commitments to attend to. Like a J.O.B., our families, hobbies etc.

Well, if you’re spending all your time doing Non-Income Producing Activities such as the ones listed above, you are setting yourself up for nothing but frustration and disappointment.

I’ve seen many people walk away from online marketing, because they have put in a lot of time without any return. That is why I’m so passionate about giving my tribe step by step instructions of what they can do each day to generate leads and ultimately produce income.

TOP 3 Income Producing Activities You MUST Do Each Day.


In order to break away from the time wasting activities and actually start making money as an online marketer, there are 4 income producing activities that you MUST do every day. It is so important that you focus your energy on the things that will bring in the greatest return.

1. Place Ads To Generate Leads Or Sales


In order to reach your target market with your valuable services, you need to place ads. We run thousands of dollars through our Facebook ads every month to generate our best leads. Through the use of Facebook ads, you can generate warm leads every single day.

Not sure how to place effective ads? We get that question all of the time, which is why we have created videos in the Freedom-preneur Academy that will teach you exactly how to do this.
Here are a few tips to get you started on developing your own lead magnets.

2. Host Webinars, Hangouts, or Use Facebook Live

Everyday, look for ways to give your followers value. One of the best ways to do that is by hosting webinars, hangouts, or use Facebook Live. People want to connect with you on a more personal level while learning from you. Using live stream videos where people can ask you real time questions and you answer is so helpful.

At the end of your webinars, hangouts, and videos, you need to present a call to action. Where can they learn more from you? Lead them to an outlet that you can earn from, such as a lead capture page.

Every Wednesday night, we host the Freedom-Preneur Show in order to add more value to our followers. Each week, we bring on experts that are highly knowledgeable and that can deliver great information to those listening in.

3. FOLLOW UP Via Phone, Email or Messenger

Startling Sales Statistics

Did you know that 90% of your sales occur, because you followed up with someone. Take the time to follow up through any means that you can.

As you can see, it is of the highest importance that you make following up with leads a top priority. If you have spent the time and money to create ads, don’t short change yourself by not going back to those that took interest in what you had to say. Otherwise,  you are just wasting your time again.

Marketers contact v buyers purchases

Many of your follow up processes can be automated through programs that you set up. I’m all for automated systems for certain parts of my follow-up. That way, I don’t miss out on leads while I’m out living life.

That’s it!!

If you are missing these elements then all your are doing is BUSY work..and that does not make you money.

Source: Income Producing Activities Direct Sales

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